Earned Value Training Help is Available

by Humphreys & Associates | May 1, 2021 5:00 am

Earned Value Training Help is Available

Do any (or many) of these situations apply to you?

You Are Not Alone

If you answered “yes” to any of these, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger.  Even though the Earned Value concept has been around for over 50 years, the requirement can still be new to your company, new to your contract, and new to your employees.  Most will not have learned EVM in college.  Even companies that have been using EVM for years face a recurring need for training.  We’re pretty consistently seeing a turnover of 20-40% of our experienced CAMs each year across the industry. 

If you answered “yes” to several, I’m sure you’re a bit overwhelmed and asking yourself, how can we possibly meet all these requirements?

Over 40 Years of Experience

Well, don’t despair.  Humphreys & Associates, Inc. (H&A) has just what you need to get you through all those situations, and more.  For over 42 years, H&A has been the leader in providing EVM proposal support, EVMS Requirements/Gap Analysis support, EVMS Design, Implementation support, IBR Preparation, and EVMS Review/certification preparation, staff augmentation, and of course, EVMS and Project Management Training. 

H&A has trained over 950,000 people around the world in all aspects of the Earned Value requirements and has built the largest, most comprehensive library of training materials in the Earned Value Management consulting industry.  We have tailored training materials and have trained and supported contractors whose customers have been from DOD, DOE, NASA, FAA, HHS, as well as international customers such as the Australian DOD, the Canadian DND, Sweden Defense, and the UK.

EVMS Training Library

Our actively maintained library includes:

Real-World Application

Our curriculum makes extensive use of real-world examples and case studies to extend the process of learning into application.  We offer these hands-on courses in a variety of settings and formats to meet your needs. 

Public offerings are open to the industry at large and are particularly useful when you have a limited number of individuals needing the training or those individuals who are widely geographically separated. 

In-house offerings at your facilities allows us to meet the training need at one location or for one specific team and can include specifics of your system description.  

Earned Value Webinars

Webinar offerings of the two courses above and our Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) format are available, especially in these times of limited travel.  Webinars of the public and in-house training courses rely on the same content as the in-person courses with the addition of virtual interaction opportunities to increase student involvement and enhance learning.  Our Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) format provides an opportunity for busy individuals to learn at their own pace and time of their choice – even if they are working from home.  The VLL makes extensive use of video presentations and application case studies to enhance the learning environment and ensure the students continue to apply the knowledge they have gained. 

Training Materials

If you have an existing training staff, H&A can even be your source for training materials.  Most of our courses are available for purchase/licensing and our staff of EVMS experts can tailor them to any company environment.  The big benefit here is you leveraging H&A active involvement with EVM requirement changes to keep the material up to date and your training staff don’t have to do it.  In the end you get an up-to-date course without out committing the staff and costs to do the work.  This approach also aligns your material across all our offerings to provide you delivery flexibility with a consistent core content.       

In addition to providing course materials, H&A also can provide Train-The-Trainer sessions in those courses, so your company’s training department can understand and become comfortable with the training materials and updates.

EVMS Certification Programs

Our Certification programs go beyond the public or in-house training courses to create the Qualified CAMs and Project Controls (PC) personnel that are integral parts of a successful EVMS implementation.  These roles are where “the rubber meets the road” for EVMS.  CAMs and PCs will be expected to demonstrate how the company’s EVM System is actually operating on a day-to-day basis.  H&A offers comprehensive and rigorous Certification Courses for both of these important functions so you can be assured that your people not only understand Earned Value concepts but have demonstrated the ability to address the requirements or even problems that can arise on a Project. 

Mock Reviews

To enhance the review training listed above (EVMS, IBR, and Surveillance) and best prepare your organization for these events, H&A also provides teams of our consultants who can conduct Mock Reviews for all three of these events.  These mock reviews simulate each type of government review, including the conduct of CAM and other manager interviews, the running of metrics testing, and the preparation of in-briefs and exit briefs all of which are integral parts of a government EVMS Review.  These Mock reviews can also be used as on-the-job training for company personnel who may be required to conduct IBRs or Surveillance at a subcontractor’s facility. H&A can also augment your company teams in conducting these subcontractor reviews to extend the training while helping your team complete required tasks. 


H&A has a team of experienced Agile Coaches who are also experts in integrating Agile and Earned Value Management methodologies. H&A also has a vast library of Agile and EVM training materials that can be tailored to meet specific client needs.

Specialized and Experienced Training

Our specialized training courses have been developed over time to address the specific training needs of past clients and provide in-depth, focused training in a variety of topics to enhance your application EVM to effectively manage your projects.  These courses build on the general knowledge provided by the basic courses to make your team more effective and efficient in each topic area.  In cases where your team needs specific, focused training and you don’t find it listed here, we would be happy to discuss the situation and provide a recommended approach to make you successful.      

Each H&A Senior Team Lead typically has over 30 years of experience in Industry, in Government, and/or in consulting – so there is virtually no situation or problem that they have not encountered before. So, although your company may be overwhelmed by the EVMS requirements and the expectations of your customer, you can rely on our H&A team of experts to get you through it all successfully. 

So please, take a look at the H&A website and all that we have to offer, and then give us a call at (714) 685-1730, or email us so we can get you started on the road to EVMS success. We look forward to helping you be successful!

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