EVM Lite – Part 2: Tailoring approaches to EV Lite

by Humphreys & Associates | June 1, 2013 4:21 pm

So, what if there is no EVMS contract requirement, but a company wants to use the EVM principles to measure performance on important work?

Approaches for tailoring EVM Lite (also called EV Lite):

Some companies use EVM for critical internal Research and Development projects or fixed priced work.  Companies need to ask the question “Where do we want to fit in the EVMS Continuum?”  Consider the graphic below:

EVM Lite: Part 2 -EVMS Continuum by Humphreys & Associates

The right hand side of the continuum represents implementation of EVMS to the maximum, and represents the highest cost to operate and maintain an EVMS.  The left hand side represents something that looks like EVMS because it contains Earned Value, but none of the discipline necessary to ensure the integrity and traceability of the EVMS data.  Most people that talk about EVM Lite want to be closer to the left hand side of the continuum.

Any alternative approaches must consider the trade-off between the steps necessary to maintain good baseline control and system discipline versus implementation/ maintenance costs.  If the performance measurement baseline is not adequately controlled, a good basis for measurement does not exist.  If the earned value is not reliable and other data integrity issues exist, status reporting is suspect and the data cannot be used with confidence to forecast expected outcomes.

Humphreys & Associates can help a company’s team sort out which methods would work best for its project.  H&A EVM experts can help determine which requirements can be relaxed, which ones need to be implemented and still maintain the fundamental EVM principles within each subsystem.

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