Free Online Earned Value Training Resources

by Humphreys & Associates | February 1, 2021 8:09 am

Free Online Earned Value Training Resources

The world of Earned Value Management (EVM) can sometimes be daunting with a seeming overabundance of resources, guides, training, and services designed to help the user.  Depending on which industry and/or government agency you are dealing with, the EVM interpretation can differ.  Below is a listing of free online training resources meant to help you in finding the right information for the right situation. Each online source provides a summary of resources available and the URL to find them. 

Humphreys & Associates, Inc. – EVMS Education Center

Humphreys & Associates, Inc. Menu

The EVMS Education Center is an online Earned Value Training resource for cutting-edge thought and insight on Earned Value Management Systems. The user can select an EVM category from the list below to access more detailed information:

·       Agile Practitioner Connection

·       Getting Started with EVM

·       EVM Practitioner Connection

·       H&A EVMS Workshop Reference Materials

·       H&A Publication Reference Materials

·       EVMS Web Recommendations

·       EVM Glossary Terms

·       EVMS Document Matrix for U.S. Gov’t Agencies

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Department of Defense Integrated Program Management

Department of Defense Integrated Program Management Header Menu

The Policy & Guidance page provides the user with OMB Circular A-11, FAR, and DFARS, 5000 series documents, Data Item Descriptions as well as sample CDRLs and Guides and References.  In addition, Training Presentations on IPMDAR Application, Tailoring and Reporting are provided.

DOD Earned Value Training Presentations

The EVM-CR is a data repository managed by the IPM division of OUSD(A&S) AAP, the office of Acquisition, Analytics and Policy.

The purpose of the EVM-CR is to establish a source of authoritative Earned Value Management (EVM) and Integrated Program Management (IPM) data for the Department and to provide prompt access for PMOs, Services, OSD, and DoD Components.

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Defense Contract Management Agency

Defense Contract Management Agency Menu

This site contains all the latest Data Metrics, Tests and Templates used by DCMA. In addition, updated Compliance Procedures are included.

EVMS Compliance Metric Templates

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Department of Energy EVMS Training

DOE EVMS Training Menu

Training includes an EVM Tutorial which consists of 8 modules and provides a high-level overview of EVM principles and reporting, intended for novice EVM users.

In addition, a series of 34 short video snippets, sponsored by the Office of Project Management (PM), provides training in a variety of EVMS topics.

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Includes several downloadable handbooks for reference including:

·       Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Handbook

·       Schedule Management Handbook

·       Link to request STAT Access and to download the STAT User’s Guide

·       Work Breakdown Structure Handbook

·       EVM Implementation Handbook

·       NASA/SP 2016-3708 EVM P-CAM Reference Guide


The Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) is a consolidation of the Contract Performance Report (CPR) and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and is required on all new contracts when an EVMS is a requirement.


Project Management Institute

PMI Menu

In conjunction with PMI, this website includes several webinar presentations, templates and articles designed to aid the student in a greater understanding of Earned Value Management. The site is continuously updated by contributors across the world and is applicable to both commercial and government environments.

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National Defense Industrial Association


This site provides a comprehensive list of guidance documents applicable across the DoD Environment. Complementary documents to the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems include:

·       EIA-748-C Designation Memo

·       Earned Value Management System Acceptance Guide

·       Earned Value Management System Guideline Scalability Guide

·       Earned Value Management Systems Application Guide

·       Earned Value Management Systems Intent Guide to the EIA Standard for EVMS (EIA-748)

·       Intent Guide Appendix Compliance Map Template

·       Guide to Managing Programs Using Predictive Measures

·       Industry Practice Guide for Agile on Earned Value Management Programs

·       Integrated Baseline Review Guide

·       Master Definitions List for IPMD Guides

·       Planning and Scheduling Excellence Guide (PASEG)

·       Surveillance Guide

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