Level of Effort (LOE) Best Practice Tips

by Humphreys & Associates | March 1, 2024 5:03 am

Level of Effort (LOE) Best Practice Tips

Clients are often seeking advice from our earned value consultants about implementing a practical approach in response to government customer requirements to proactively manage level of effort (LOE) tasks. The DoD EVMS Interpretation Guide (EVMSIG), NASA guidance, and DOE guidance such as the Compliance Assessment Governance (CAG) document clearly state the requirements for contractors related to planning, maintaining, and managing LOE. DOE also specifies a limit to the percentage of LOE allowed within a control account to avoid skewing performance measurement of the discrete work effort. In addition, both the DCMA and DOE EVMS data quality test metric specifications include manual and automated tests with thresholds specific to LOE.

Common accepted best practices for LOE include:

So, what is the problem? 

Common situations H&A earned value consultants run into are contractors where:

Best Practice Tips

Here is a short list of best practice tips that H&A earned value consultants have helped clients to implement over the years to ensure LOE is properly planned and proactively managed. The approach is tailored for each client to reflect the type of work the company typically performs. This is documented in their EVM System Description, related procedures, and recurring training to ensure project personnel have clear, specific guidance they can follow.

Does your EVM System Description or training materials need a refresh to include specific guidance for project personnel that documents the preferred approach for planning, maintaining, and managing LOE? H&A earned value consultants frequently help clients with EVM System Description content enhancements or creating specific procedures that reflect your unique business environment. Call us today at (714) 685-1730 to get started.

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