Updates to the Compliance Review Series of Blogs

by Humphreys & Associates | November 20, 2017 12:19 pm

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2020 Update

Humphreys & Associates has posted a 2020 update to the series of blogs discussing the DCMA Compliance Review (CR) process. “Compliance Review” is the term used for the formal EVM System review DCMA performs to determine a contractor’s compliance with the EIA-748 Standard for EVMS guidelines. This can also include, as applicable, Surveillance Reviews and Reviews for Cause (RFC).

DCMA used to follow a 16 Step compliance review process. This changed to an 8 Step process with the release of the DCMA Instruction 208 (DCMA-INST 208) titled “Earned Value Management System Compliance Reviews Instruction.” This Instruction has been rescinded and replaced with a set of DCMA Business Practices (BP). These Business Practices split out topics that the old DCMA Instruction 208 covered in one document. Whether you are a contractor new to the EVM contracting environment or a seasoned veteran, if the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) compliance and acceptance authority is the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), these new Business Practices apply to you.

The four updated blogs include:

Help Preparing for a Compliance Review

Do you need help preparing for a DCMA compliance or surveillance review? Download the set of DCMA Business Practices and read our updated blogs so you have an idea of what is ahead. Humphreys & Associates can help you conduct a Mock EVMS Review, perform a data quality assessment, create a storyboard, or conduct EVMS interview training and mentoring for your personnel. Call us today at (714) 685-1730 or email us.

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