Video Series – Common Problems Found in EVMS and Recommended Corrective Actions – 4 of 5

by Humphreys & Associates on December 2, 2019 last modified March 26, 2020

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This month we are dealing with three new issues that are commonly found in EVMS.  Misalignment between BCWP and ACWP, Freeze Period Violations, Failed Data Traces.  Learn what you can do to identify and resolve these issues. 

This is video 4 of 5  for the blog series “Common Problems Found in EVMS and Recommended Corrective Actions”.

The following links will let you skip to the specific part of the video related to the issues we are discussing.  (each link opens in a new tab)

Common Issues reviewed in this video:

0:16 – Misalignment between BCWP and ACWP

3:07 – Freeze Period Violations

5:00 – Failed Data Traces

You can also read the blog post here:

Common Problems Found in EVM Systems and Recommended Corrective Actions – Part 4

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