Video Series – Common Problems Found in EVMS and Recommended Corrective Actions – 5 of 5

by Humphreys & Associates on February 3, 2020 last modified July 22, 2021

When is it appropriate to use the simple PERT method to calculate the BCWP?   Can Management Reserve be negative? How do I choose a Control Account Manager?  Our final video in this series looks into questions like these. 

This is video 5 of 5  for the blog series “Common Problems Found in EVMS and Recommended Corrective Actions”.

The following links will let you skip to the specific part of the video related to the issues we are discussing.  (each link opens in a new tab)

Common Issues reviewed in this video:

0:22 – Inappropriate use of PERT and LOE

3:55 – Misuse of Management Reserve

6:48 – Administrative Control Account Managers (CAMs) Selection

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