Authorized Unpriced Work (AUW) and Earned Value Management Systems

by Humphreys & Associates on August 27, 2012 last modified October 24, 2023

Authorized Unpriced Work (AUW)

Authorized unpriced work (AUW) is an area that can cause contractors difficulties and when not handled properly, can result in a DCMA EVMS review team writing up a Corrective Action Request (CAR) as we have discussed in previous blogs.

At times, contractors can find themselves in a position where projects are not following commonly used and recommended practices that are described in the EIA-748 Standard for EVMS guidelines as well other guidance such as the NDIA Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) EIA-748 Intent Guide and the DoD Earned Value Management System Interpretation Guide (EVMSIG).

It is always better to be proactive to ensure project personnel have the proper direction they need. H&A suggests that you review your EVM System Description as well as any related procedures to ensure that they:

  1. Reflect the EIA-748 guidelines (for AUW in particular, see Guidelines 8 and 28) as well as related industry and government implementation guidance.
  2. Are clear and specific on how project personnel are to handle authorized unpriced work.

Humphreys & Associates suggest verifying the following items are discussed in your EVM System Description.

  1. How and when work scope and budget are distributed from undistributed budget (UB) to control accounts and subordinate work packages or planning packages. This includes:
    • Describing what controls are placed on the use of UB.
    • Stipulating a specific period of time that work scope and budget can be held in UB for fully negotiated work.
    • Describing how and when UB is distributed to control accounts when the work scope has not been defined (i.e., the work scope represents AUW).
    • The interim budgeting procedure used during the definitization process to distribute the work scope and budget from UB to the work package level for the near term effort (such as three to six months). This interim budgeting procedure should be followed until the AUW scope of work held in UB is definitized and distributed to control account work packages or planning packages.
  2. Incorporating authorized changes in a timely manner. The EVM System Description will need to describe what:
    • Constitutes an authorized change.
    • Indicates authorized changes have been incorporated.
    • Constitutes “timely” incorporation.
  3. The process for establishing internal budgets for authorized but unpriced changes should be based on a resource plan for accomplishing the work. Project managers should have a detailed plan in place for the near term work using cost estimates and resource plans with appropriate direction to notify the customer when spending approaches any not to exceed (NTE) spending limits. It is critical that traceability through all steps of the process can be demonstrated.

For a more in-depth discussion on how to handle authorized unpriced work (AUW), see the article posted on the Humphreys & Associates EVMS Education Center, EVMS Practitioner section.

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