Video Release – Stop Work Orders – Part 1

by Humphreys & Associates on September 1, 2020

Are you confronted with a Stop Work Order & wondering what to do? In addition to disrupting contract execution, they can affect performance in the EVMS.

Play the video above or use the time stamps below to jump to a specific part of the video. 

What is a (SWO) Stop Work Order?

0:41 – Stop Work Order Defined

How should you deal with a SWO?

1:42 – Step 1 – Issue Direction

2:17 – Step 2 – Status the Schedule and Earned Value

2:43 – Step 3 – Transfer Budgets

Other Considerations

4:24 – SWO does not Eliminate Cost Variance

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Incorporating Stop Work Orders Part 1 – Deleting the Work

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